The quick and easy answer to this question is yes you can fit a cat flap to a double glazed door.   If you are a dog or cat lover you can be happy in the knowledge that their requirements can be catered for. The cat flap is installed when the double glazed panel is being manufactured. The dog or cat flap is sealed into the glazing, which is then installed into your property.

There are a range of different cat flaps available so your dog or cat will be able to pass freely through the door – just as though it was installed in a solid door.

If you are concerned about your pet getting in and out, ask us about installing a cat flap. Your whole family can benefit from the installation of a new double glazed door.

If you already have a glazed door,  in order to install the cat flap, we will need to order a new glazed unit.

dog or cat flap in a double glazed door