Large Glass Sliding Doors in Derbyshire

Large Glass Sliding Patio Doors on a kitchen extension in Derbyshire. Also a large picture window – fixed panel

Here are two sets of large sliding patio doors from a recent kitchen extension in Derbyshire.  The customer also has had a large fixed window panel installed at the end of the room, plus two skylights, which has really made the extension a light and bright room, with lots of extra living space. The double track sliding doors mean that two of the doors locate behind the fixed panel when opened.  The large panes of double glazing ensure that their is a minimum of aluminium frame and the maximum of glass, giving an almost uninterrupted sightline into the garden.   Really allowing the garden in to the house.  As with all jobs, one leads to another and the customer now has the patio to finish.

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Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors

These sliding doors can be a maximum of 2000mm by 2500mm subject to a maximum weight of 200kg due to health & safety.  The aluminium patio doors sit on high quality stainless steel rollers with a multi point locking mechanism on the door.  On domestic installations the doors come with a 10 year guarantee (subject to terms and conditions)