Thin framed windows & doors

When a person talks of Crittall ® style windows or doors, they are normally referring to a window or door with a thin steel frame usually with a dark colour. Crittall® windows were originally first used during the 1880’s.  But they became fashionable with the Art Deco period and give an industrial feel to a property.

Notable installations include the Houses of Parliament.

Crittall® is a trade mark and these style of windows are still available directly from Crittall®

Thin Framed Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are a cheaper alternative to steel windows and give an overall appearance these metal window frames. These properties have had new windows using Smart Systems Alitherm Heritage to maintain the overall appearance of the property. ( these installations were not carried by CMC Aluminium)

Thin Framed windows in the Peak District

Thin framed aluminium windows are a cheaper alternative to steel window.  Here is a property in the Peak District which was designed with aluminium thin framed windows and doors.  We are biased but think the addition of these style windows and doors have give a modern twist to the property.

Crittal style windows Derbyshire

Please note that the Heritage style of windows are more expensive than normal aluminium windows. The are up to 50% more than our standard aluminium windows depending on the installation.

If you are starting to plan a project or would like a quote to replace existing windows and doors with thin framed windows and doors, why not contact us.

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You can download a datasheet about the Alitherm Heritage aluminium profile here.