The Skyroom offers the benefits of slimline technology combined with visible elegance, outstanding strength and industry leading thermal performance.

It creates one of the finest contemporary looking products available on the market.



Contemporary mock orangery appearance

Minimalist modern design with sharp sightlines

Ultra slim frame

No bulky or fussy exterior features

Solar control black film to hide internal pelmet

Hidden tie bars/support bars

Ability to hold spotlights

Choice of any RAL colour

The lower area of the room is filmed with black so that it discreetly conceals the interior pelmet area.

This give the appearance of a full orangery roof.

They are a world apart form the chunky fussy roofs you may have seen before.

What sizes are the internal pelmets available in?

From 250mm to 600mm.


What is the maximum projection for the Skyroom?

Max projection is 4.5 metre


What is the u value?

The rafter u value is 1.5W/m2k and the double glazing units with standard Planitherm is 1.1 W/m2k.

Conventional insulation can be introduced into the internal pelmet to improve the u value around the internal pelmet.


Is the Skyroom available in triple glazing?

No, but we can supply double glazing with a u value of 0.9W/m2k.


Does it need a tie bar?

We can use a hidden tie bar up to 3 metres projection and after that we use our standard box tie bar which is fixed above the upper ringbeam.


Can you put bi-folds at the front of the Skyroom?

Yes, but you will need to introduce an additional steel beam and corner posts to support it.


What is the widest bifold I can put in?

It depends on the sizes of the building, but it’s normally around 4m.

skyroom in Derbyshire & South Yorkshire


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