RAL Colour

is the matching system used in Europe  which is mainly used for varnish and for powder coating. The aluminium frames are powered coated in a colour of your choice.  There are hundreds of aluminium colours that are available for powder coating. Grey is very popular and there are many shades of different greys.  If you have a corporate colour which you wish to use to match, we will do our very best to accommodate.  Black is also becoming increasingly fashionable and white often used to match with existing windows.

We outsource the powder coating of our aluminium products to a a company that is a world class provider, specialising in powder coating products for the aluminium industry.  They have recently invested over £6 million with further investments planned through to 2020. Their long term strategy is to continue to develop and improve the services they offer and to be at the forefront of technological advances within the powder coating industry.  Their powder coated products have been used at installations at Kings Cross Station, Addenbrooks Hospital and Severn Trent Head quarters to name a few.

The aluminium colours are difficult to reproduce on the website, so when you are close to making a decision, we can provide a sample which you can take to the property location to check you are happy with your chosen colour. If you take a look through the website you will see the range of colours that are available. Once you’ve chosen your  colour, it’s important to see a sample to make completely sure the tone and shade are exactly what you want; you can then accurately assess the texture, lustre and finish before making your final decision.


You can also have a different colour on the outside of the property to the inside frame.  You may choose white to face inside whilst having a contemporary grey colour on the outside. There are endless possibilities. Some companies will only offer you a very limited choice of 3 or 4 colours,

we can offer over 200 aluminium colours!

Below are a small sample of some of the colours we have installed.




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