70% of your window!

So choosing the right glass is an important consideration. Glass typically will make up 70% of your window and is at the heart of controlling the flow of natural light, the level of safety and security, of heat retention and even the level of furniture fade protection. It will have a huge impact on the performance of your windows. CMC Aluminium are part of the Planitherm network, which is a network of independent window installers and fabricators. We have been vetted to meet the membership criteria and undertaken additional training on the glass.


Planitherm is modern glazing

so whether you are looking for more warmth, a peaceful nights sleep or to enjoy a sun-filled room with out overheating, then Planitherm is the perfect glass for you. Planitherm high performance glazing is for glass that makes a difference.

When it comes to replacing your windows and doors, whilst you may not clearly see the difference, you will feel the difference.

Energy Standard

With energy prices increasing its a challenge to keep your property warm and comfortable. Choosing double glazed or even triple glazed windows with Planitherm Energy Standard glass can help to combat this. The special coating on the glass captures the warmth from natural daylight and stops 56%* more internal heat escaping that older-style double glazing. So it will cost less to keep your property warm.  There is a crystal clear microscopic coating applied to the inner pane of glass which allows more light and heat into the room, helping to heat it whilst it keeping more heat in too.  It is ideal for standard aluminium windows or doors but is not ideal for south or west facing rooms with sunny aspects or very large glazed areas.


If you are disturbed by outside noise or concerned about security choosing windows with Planitherm Comfort will help provide the answer. With double or triple glazing with a built in transparent layer, Comfort Glass is much tougher to break than standard unlaminated glass.  It is ideal for bedrooms or street facing rooms.  The layer reduces the noise by 20%* helping to improve the enjoyment of the property. As an added bonus this double or triple glazing also blocks 99%** of UV rays, helping your furnishings to look good for longer.

Comfort Plus

For the perfect balance of light, warmth and comfort, choose Planitherm Comfort Plus. The glass has an invisible coating designed to block out 50%** of external heat from the sun whilst keeping in 63%* more internal heat. So your property will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It is particularly useful for large glazed areas, such as bifold doors, sliding patio doors or French doors and for south and west facing rooms with sunny aspects. The special coating on the glass reflects away heat from the sun whilst optimising heat retention in the room. The transparent, laminated layer creates a strong barrier, dampens noise and blocks UV light.

Both Comfort & Comfort Plus glass help protect against burglary and vandalism – designed to meet the official police security initiative “Secured By Design” standard.

 *Compared with a 4mm/16mm cavity/4mm (uncoated) Double Glazed Unit filled with air.

 **Calculated from UV transmittance in accordance with EN 410

High-performance glass

for a more comfortable home from the world’s leading provider of building materials.

Planitherm is a range of modern, high-performance glazing for the home.

It’s made in the UK by Saint-Gobain, the world’s largest manufacturer of building materials.

Whether you’re looking for more warmth, a peaceful night’s sleep or to enjoy a sun-filled room without overheating, Planitherm is perfect for your double or triple glazing.

Plus, you can use it in any style of window frame – for a clear difference you may not see but will certainly feel.

Quality assured

Planitherm is made by Saint-Gobain, Europe’s leading manufacturer of float glass. So you can be confident of industry-leading quality, comfort and energy efficiency.

Choose Planitherm and the glass in your home will come from the same source as the 24,000 square metres

of high-performance glazing in London’s iconic ‘Gherkin’ (real name: 30 St Mary Axe).

Planitherm glass doesn’t just meet UK energy standards and Building Regulations,

it exceeds them: offering not only better efficiency than traditional double glazing, but also better security, noise reduction,

furniture fade protection and control of the sun’s warmth depending on the package you choose.

Made in the UK, the right way

Planitherm is made in the UK at Eggborough in Yorkshire, in a way that’s as environmentally conscious as possible.

They are the first glass manufacturer to evaluate the environmental impact through the entire life of their products

and use sand sourced in the UK and, on average, 30% recycled glass in every sheet.

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