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If you have arrived at this page by searching for how to repair a dropped shop door or how to replace the hinges on a shop door, we would suggest that you call in an expert.  If you are struggling with the opening and closing of your shop door or have problems with your shopfront, then rather than trying to fix it yourself, why not call in an expert.

If the worst happens – we’re here to help.

Whether it’s

a broken closer on a door or window,

the automatic door won’t open correctly,

the glass has been broken in your window or doors,

a failed doubled glazed unit,

or your locks or handles are broken.


Why do double glazed units fail?

Double glazed units are made of two panels of glass hermetically sealed.  Hermetically sealed means its an airtight seal. Sealed between the glass is a gas – usually argon, which is there to improve the thermal qualities of the glazing.  If your windows have been installed for many years, this seal can break down.  Once the seal is broken, moisture from the outside air can enter into the cavity between the two panes of glass.  The moisture in between the glass will condense and give the windows a frosted appearance.  There are many reasons that they seal may break down.  If your windows have to face harsh weather conditions or are subject to hot sun causing them to expand and contract, eventually the seal may fail. Once the seal has been broken the thermal efficiency of the glazing will also be reduced.

When this occurs you will need to replace the glazing.  Fortunately in many cases, you will only need to replace the glass double glazed unit and not the whole frame.

Give us a call if you are looking to replace your failed units and don’t put with the irritating effects of the condensation between the units.

In an Emergency!


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