A trickle vent

is a small opening in an aluminium window or door that allows a trickle of air into a room to ventilate it.  Current Building Regulations state that there must be adequate means of ventilation for the occupants of a building. Even though a window itself may be closed the vent will improve ventilation and thus reduce condensation, to provide a healthy environment.

Modern houses have become more efficient overall and more airtight than older properties.  Also our lifestyles now generate more humidity – washing machines, dishwashers, shower and tumble dryers.  So whilst houses have been more efficient at retaining energy, they also retain moisture. Moisture in a property will condense and cause damp.  This is obviously not a healthy environment for an occupant.

It is odd that although we continue to strive for more energy efficient materials to make our houses less demanding for energy for heating, we then find it necessary to add ventilation into the windows.

Trickle vents were introduced to let ventilation into a property to reduce condensation and hence mould through Building Regulations. If your property or windows are less than 20 years old, you will probably already have window vents. If not, when you install new windows, the new frames will have the addition of window vents, even if your property does not suffer with condensation problems. If you are extending a property and adding new windows, you will also have the addition of trickle vents.

CMC Aluminium will install your trickle vents at the top of the frames, and the vents themselves do have an open or closed position, so you can then choose which position you wish to have them. Ask about them when ordering.

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