What is an aluminium casement window?

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A aluminium casement window is one which is mounted into a frame.  The window can open inwards or outwards on a cracker or hinge. Most casement windows are outward opening but you can have a casement window to open inwards if you desire.

Aluminium casement windows are often found in pairs and open like a set of french doors – and may have no mullion in the centre to obscure the view. These windows open wide allowing the maximum ventilation into the room.

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What are the parts of a casement window?

  1. Window frame. The frame is the outer part of the window and is fixed to the wall or structure of the building.
  2. Sash.  The sash is the moving part of the window and holds the double or tripled glazed glass panel in place.
  3. Hinges. The hinges are fixed to the window frame and the sash and allow the sash to open
  4. Stays. A casement window may also have a stay. This supports the window when the sash is open and prevents a gust of wind catching the window and causing damage.  It may also restrict the amount that the window will open to prevent accidents occurring such as falling through the open window.  The restrictor can be released, which allows for the window to open wider if necessary.
  5. Lock / Handle.  The handle holds the sash in place when the window is shut usually against a soft rubber gasket to prevent drafts and ensure you have an energy efficient aluminium window.

What is the history of casement windows?

Originally casement windows would have been made from metal with small leaded glass panes. Glass was expensive and could only be produced in small pieces, so was held together by metal strips.

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During the Victoria era casement windows became made from wood

What is a flush fitting casement window?

A flush fitted casement window sits flush in the frame when closed. The overall design gives a clean and uncluttered look to the windows.  A flush fitting casement window gives a closer visual appearance for traditional or period properties.  It also have clean lines for modern properties and has become fashionable.  Customers are striving for thin profile frames and want to move away from thick chunky UPVC type frames.

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