Developments in glass technology mean that large walls of glass can be achieved whilst still achieving a cosy temperature in your home.  Large sliding doors are becoming more popular allowing you to bring the garden into your home.  Your aluminium sliding patio doors can be double or even tripled glazed.

If you are deciding between bi fold or sliding patio doors there are some things you need to consider.  Bi fold doors need space around them to fold and collapse on themselves when they are open. They also take up space when they are fully open. You will therefore need to decide where you will be positioning your furniture and where the panels will be when the door is open.  A large sliding door can easily slide to one side and may be considered to look more neat.

What is the largest door size of a large sliding door?

The panels in an aluminium sliding door can be bigger that in a bi fold.  This is due to the full weight being over the track.  Consequently the limit to the size of a sliding patio door is based on it’s weight and can be a bigger panel.   This is calculated once the width and height of the panels are know. The widest panel would be 2.4 metres wide depending on the height.  More information can be found at large sliding doors.

Large sliding doors can be made from a range of materials, but as the glass is heavy we would recommend a strong material such as aluminium. An aluminium patio door will also give you a slimmer frame and more glass. Our large sliding doors are made bespoke to your requirements, can be double or triple glazed and soft close.  In addition you have over 200 RAL colours to choose from, along with a dual colour, where you have a different colour outside to inside.  The frames are power coated which gives a long lasting and durable coating.  With PAS 24 locking mechanisms  and a choice of handles, they will give your home a stylish and contemporary look.

And when you decide to move house, both options will allow you more room to move out your furniture!

Sliding patio doors