If you are constructing a new building and an architect has been involved in the project, it is unlikely that they will have specified the wrong type of door. Sometimes building contractors do try to reduce costs on a project and attempt to make changes to the specification of the materials, including commercial doors.

There is more chance that the wrong door may be fitted when the door is a replacement on an existing building. Lack of knowledge and understanding of the current regulations may lead to an incorrect commercial door being installed. These regulations are there for a reason, so when installing a compliant door there are a number of factors that need to be taken in to account:

  • Contrasting colours
  • Low thresholds
  • The ability to withstand high traffic
  • Legal requirements & the current regulations

Fitting of a UPVC glazed door is not acceptable as they cannot be fitted with hardware that complies with BS3800, Document M and The Equality Act 2010. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 states that it is illegal to discriminate against disabled people in any way, and reasonable adjustments be made to accommodate.

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The right door handles need to be chosen to ensure that have adequate clearance around them to ensure fingers do not get trapped when opening and closing the commercial aluminium double doors. Handles should also be over 25mm in diameter particularly for those users that may have dexterity problems.  BS3800 ( Equality Act 2010) also recommends that the handles / hardware are warm to the touch and in a contrasting colour. We offer a wide range of styles of handles that can also be powdered coated to a high contrast colour with your doors. ( over 200 colours available)

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We can also provide automatic doors and commercials doors that are DDA compliant.  If you need help with your doors – give us a call on 01246 555255